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ISSA Executive Technical Director Begins Work Promoting Pavement Preservation

Wednesday, September 27, 2017  
Posted by: Kristi Olson


In his first six months in the role, new ISSA Executive Technical Director Tom Wood has been hard at work on behalf of the International Slurry Surfacing Association.

A significant part of Wood’s time has been spent on the development of a new guideline for high performance micro surfacing, separate from ISSA’s current A143 guideline for micro surfacing, which has been tentatively identified as A153, Recommended Guideline for High Performance Micro Surfacing.  Tom’s initial thoughts and ideas regarding the guideline were presented to the ISSA Board of Directors at their June Board meeting.  Selection of a committee to develop a rough draft is underway.

Wood’s role has also involved attending various regional industry-related meetings to promote ISSA and our pavement preservation treatments.  Over the last six months, Wood has participated in the:

  • Southeast Partnership for Pavement Preservation meeting
  • Midwest Partnership for Pavement Preservation meeting
  • Northeast Partnership for Pavement Preservation (NEPPP) meeting
  • National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) workshop and conference
  • National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) pavement preservation group
  • ARRA In-Place Recycling & Reclaiming Seminar

At these various meetings, Wood has had numerous discussions with state agencies regarding preventative maintenance methods and programs, including Department of Transportation representatives from Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

On the educational front, Wood instructed a class sponsored by Jackson County, MN on micro surfacing for counties in southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa.  More than 30 people from 10 different counties attended and spent the day learning about micro surfacing.

In addition, Wood met with MnDOT to discuss the partnership with ISSA to move research forward. One of the ideas was to develop a needs statement and put together a pooled-fund study.  MnDOT is willing to be the lead state for the pooled-fund research project if presented with a needs statement that supports agency pavement preservation objectives.

Regarding research, Wood has been assisting with a project titled What can be done to hold a poor condition pavement together until the right fix can be done?  NRRA built two (2) test sections this summer at MnROAD where they are comparing micro surfacing against 0.75 inches of 4.75 mm Super Pave HMA.

Outside of ISSA responsibilities, Wood has had additional activities that should encourage growth of ISSA’s segment of the pavement preservation mix.  He presented at the National County Engineers Conference on the value of pavement preservation, and talked about MnDOT’s work on micro milling and micro surfacing, as well as the research done on micro surfacing.  He also taught four classes for the Wisconsin Local Transportation Assistance Program (WiLTAP) on pavement preservation, introducing micro surfacing and slurry seal to them.

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