Technical Bulletins

For those Technical Bulletins that have been updated recently, two versions area available:
1) Updated Bulletin
2) redlined version showing changes from the previous version 

CODE: TB-100
TITLE: Laboratory Test Method for Wet Track Abrasion of Slurry Surfacing Systems
Download PDF   Download Redlined PDF

CODE: TB-106
TITLE: Test Method for Measurement of Slurry Seal Consistency
Download PDF

TITLE: Slurry Seal Consistency Template
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-107
TITLE: A Method for Unit Field Control of Slurry Seal Quantities
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CODE: TB-109
TITLE: Test Method for Measurement of Excess Asphalt In Bituminous Mixtures by Use of a Loaded Wheel Tester and Sand Adhesion
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CODE: TB-111
TITLE: Outline Guide Design Procedure for Slurry Seal
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-112
TITLE: Method to Estimate Slurry Seal Spread Rates and to Measure Pavement Macrotexture
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-113
TITLE: Test Method for Determining Mix Time for Slurry Surfacing Systems
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CODE: TB-114
TITLE: Test Method for Wet Stripping of Cured Slurry Surfacing Mixtures
Download PDF   Download Redlined PDF

CODE: TB-115
TITLE:  Determination of Slurry Systems Compatibility
Download PDF 

CODE: TB-118
TITLE: Surface Area Method of Slurry Seal Design
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-139
TITLE: Test Method to Determine Set and Cure Development of Slurry Surfacing Systems by Cohesion Tester
Download PDF   Download Redlined PDF

CODE: TB-144
TITLE: Test Method for Classification of Slurry Surfacing Materials Compatibility by Schulze-Breuer and Ruck Procedures
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CODE: TB-145
TITLE: Test Method for Determination of Methylene Blue Value (MBV) of Mineral Aggregate Fines
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-147
TITLE: Test Method for Measurement of Stability and Resistance to Compaction, Vertical and Lateral Displacement of Multilayered Fine Aggregate Cold Mixes
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-148
TITLE: Test Method for Preparation of Microsurface and Slurry Seal Specimens for Evaluation by Hot Mixed Asphalt Design Methods (Modified Marshall Test)
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CODE: TB-149
TITLE: Test Method for Boiling Compatibility of Slurry Seal Mixes
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