2016 SSWS Wrap-Up...ISSA Spring Traning Begins in Las Vegas

Annapolis, MD – The ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop returned to the Texas Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for 2016. With three days full of programming, we saw the largest attendance to date at a Workshop of 360 attendees (233 ISSA Members, 27 Non-Members, 85 Government Agencies, and 31 speakers) from 7 Countries (Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Turks & Caicos Islands, and USA) and 38 States represented from USA. Thanks to our 18 sponsors of the event and 22 sponsors of the outdoor demo, we put on a jam packed three day program.

Tuesday began with Joe Brandenburg, ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Committee Chair and Emulsion Research & Technical Specialist for Heritage Research Group, welcomed the attendees and addressed the Spring Training Theme. His outlined that this year’s workshop focused on how we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming season, to learn and better hone in our skills, to better understand the products that provide for our families & ourselves, and last, but certainly not least, to further our industry. ISSA President Rusty Price followed up with a brief glimpse of what the future of ISSA has in store.

We then dove right into the full day of sessions starting with Ken Olsen, Safety Director for Slurry Pavers, Inc., talking about Safety: Risk vs. Reward. Ken gave a few tips such as encouraging open communication, emphasize the value of safety over speed, and point out hazards so employees and supervisors are aware.

From there we moved on to the mornings presentations starting with Gary Houston, General Manager for VSS Emultech, presenting on Pavement Preservation Treatment Overview. Matthew Ferguson, Project Manager, VSS International, presented on the ISSA President’s Award for Excellence for their 2014 County Slurry Seal Project in County of San Diego, California.

The morning concluded with a focus on the basics. Stephanie Hogendoorn, Technical Development Manager for AkzoNobel, gave an Introduction to Micro/Slurry, Brian Horner, E.D. Etnyre & Co., presented on an Introduction to Chip Seal, and Jim Allison, McAsphalt Industries Limited, gave an Introduction to Crack Treatments. We closed out the morning with Larry Tompkins, P.E., VP of Sales & Marketing of the SE Region for Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., giving an update on Phase 2 of ISSA’s ISSA Web Based Training announcing the two new modules; “Best Construction Practices for Operating a Spreader Box used with Slurry/Micro Surfacing Materials” and “Best Construction Practices for Crack Sealing and Joint Filling of Asphalt and Concrete Pavements.”

After lunch we began the Agency Presentations portion the workshop with an FHWA Update, Bryan Cawley, Construction Management Team Leader for the FHWA Office of Infrastructure. Richard Turner, Project & Preservation Program Manager for the Charleston County, SC, gave insight into the DOT Perspective on Preservation called Charleston County Pavement Management System: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Colin A. Franco, P.E., Associate Chief Engineer for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, provided an update on the PPETG – Emulsion Task Force Update (ETF).

Eric M. Reimschiissel, President, American Pavement Preservation LLC, presented on Contractors Working with Agencies Cost Effective Project Management. Bob Jerman, Ingevity (formerly MeadWestvaco), talked about the Laboratory Accreditation and Job Site Testing of Slurry and Micro Surfacing Systems. Rounding out the day, Steve Lander, P.E., Director of Operations for Kercher Engineering, Inc., talked about Complete Pavement Management.

Tuesday evening saw the attendees gather for the first ever ISSA Bowling Event & Reception at the Texas Station’s Texas Star Lanes. The workshop attendees took over sixty lanes and enjoyed a nice reception of food and drink. Whether you wanted to bowl with your coworkers or be part of the competition, there was something for everyone. The team competitions had teams of four competing for the best score while doing silly trick shots like bowling with their eyes closed or blindfolded.

The second day of the workshop began with an update on the Results from the NCAT Pavement Test Track from Buzz Powell, Assistant Director & Test Track Manager for the National Center for Asphalt Technology. From there attendees broke out into groups to attend several breakout sessions.

One breakout session was a series of panels focused on Micro/ Slurry – Construction, Materials, and Slurry System Design. Rich Wenthe, Road Science, LLC, focused on Slurry System Materials and Mix Design. Immediately following Rich, Tim Harrawood, Vance Brothers, discussed the Construction of Slurry and Micro Surfacing. Ending that track was Bergkamp’s Rex Eberly presenting on Problem Solving and Special Situations.

Simultaneously a breakout session on Technical – Chemistry, Manufacturing of Emulsions, Testing, Mix Designs, Particle Size/Storage and Handling was being held. Stephanie Hogendoorn, Technical Development Manager for AkzoNobel, returned to discuss the Chemistry of Asphalt Emulsion & Emulsion Systems. After Stephanie was a discussion on Mix Design & Material Testing Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing Systems by Sallie Houston, Technical Manager for VSS International. Followed by Polymer-Modified Asphalt Emulsions 101 by Chris Lubbers, Kraton Polymers, LLC. Don Moors, Senior Sales Representative for Ingevity (formerly MeadWestvaco), then discussed the Effect of Particle Size on Emulsion Quality and Performance. After a short break, Barry Baughman, Technical Director for ULTRAPAVE Corp., gave a presentation on Emulsion Manufacturing & Latex Injection. Next up was a discussion on Preserving Our Roads with Scrub/Cape Seals by C. Andrew Clayton, Technical Director for Western Emulsions. And Tim Montag, Account Manager for Road Science Division of ArrMaz, gave the last presentation for this breakout session on Adhesion Promoters in Anionic Emulsions.

Right next door, a breakout session on Chip Seal – Trouble Shooting, Guidelines, & Applications was being held. Thomas J. Wood, Research Project Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, discussed Chip Sealing. After which Brian Horner, Region Manager for E.D. Etnyre & Co., discussed Chip Seal & Tack: Problems and Solutions.

The final breakout session was on Crack fill Treatments – Trouble Shooting, Guidelines, & Applications. Bryan Darling, Western Region Sales Manager for Crafco, and Brandi Julian, Training Manager for Crafco, presented on Crack Sealing Treatments: Trouble Shooting, Guidelines, Application. After, an Introduction to Crack Sealing was given by Jim Allison, McAsphalt Industries Limited.

The attendees reconvened for lunch, discussed with each other what they learned, and got prepared for what came next.

After lunch, everyone gathered for the Demo Preview discussion lead by Chuck Ingram, Slurry Pavers, Inc. From there they moved outside for the annual Slurry Systems Workshop Contractor Showcase. The day ended with an Equipment Training and Demo provided by some of the great sponsors of the event.
Thank you again to our outdoor sponsors Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, American Pavement Preservation, BASF Corporation, Benedict Slurry Seal Inc, Bergkamp Inc., Crafco, Inc., E.D. Etnyre & Co., Ergon Ashphalt & Emulsions, Inc., Heritage Research Group, Ingevity (formerly MeadWestvaco), Intermountain Slurry Seal, McAsphalt Industries Ltd., Pavement Coatings Co., Rayner Equipment Systems, Slurry Pavers, Inc., Southwest Slurry Seal, Inc., TYMCO, Inc., ULTRAPAVE, Vance Bros., Inc., ViaSun Corporation, VM Fiber Feeders, Inc., VSS Macropaver, and Western Emulsions, Inc. for making the Contractor Showcase and Equipment Training and Demo possible

The last day of the workshop was a focus on Calibration and Handmixes.

It started with a Welcome & Review by Chuck Ingram, Surry Pavers, Inc., and Joe Brandenburg, ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Committee Chair and Emulsion Research & Technical Specialist for Heritage Research Group. A discussion on Equipment Maintenance & Why It Matters was presented by Randy Tattershall, Sales Manager for Rayner Equipment Systems. Fabio Mendez, President of MPI ltd. Colombia, then presented on The Evolution of Slurry Surfacing In Columbia. Highly Polymer-Modified Micro Surfacing by Ryan Proctor, Technical Marketing Manager for Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, was next. The final presentation of the morning was given by Terry Jackson, General Manager of VM Fiber Feeders, Inc., discussed Fiber Enhanced Slurry Surfacing. Invevity’s Rich Wenthe then discussed how the Hand Mix Preview would be handled.

The attendees then broke into two large group with each alternating throughout the day.

The first group stayed behind for a presentation on Slurry/Micro Calibration given by Bergkamp Inc.’s Product Support Manager, Joe Macy and Director of Engineering. Jason Bergkamp. Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc.’s Mike Wallen the presented on Daily Material Reports and Other Recordkeeping.

The other group rotated through six tables of presentations that lasted 15 minutes a piece. The second group cycled through a presentation on Slurry Seal Hand Mixes given by Road Science, then on to Laboratory Equipment presentation given by Benedict Slurry Seal, from there they went to the Micro-Surfacing Hand Mixes given by AMI, HRG, and PMS, onto to a Micro-Surfacing Troubleshooting demonstration given by Ingevity (formerly MeadWestvaco), on to a Chip Seal mix table demonstration given by Ergon, and finally, to a Crack Seals mix table demonstration given by Crafco

After lunch the groups switched content and some even elected to participate in the ISSA & NCPP Recognized Pilot Certification Program EXAM given by ISSA and National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP).

The 2016 Slurry Systems Workshop ended with a Panel Discussion on the overall topics covered in the workshop and some closing remarks by ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Committee Chair Joe Brandenburg.

Attendees who could stay were treated to a Closing Reception.

Having begun with 15 students in a classroom for a day several years ago, the ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop has educated thousands of contractors’ crews, engineers, agency personnel, and more over the years and keeps getting better and better. Each year, the Workshop Committee reviews the evaluation forms and makes adjustments in content, speakers, and the overall flow and order of presentation of the curriculum. All ISSA member volunteers, the 2016 committee, met by phone, email, conference calls, and onsite visits to produce another in a long line of successful ISSA training programs. Members of the committee are:

  • Joe Brandenburg, Heritage Research Group, Chair
  • Jason Bergkamp, Bergkamp Inc.
  • John Birchall, VSS Macropaver
  • Pat Denney, Road Science
  • Rex Eberly, Bergkamp Inc.
  • Okeda Goodloe, American Pavement Preservation
  • Stephanie Hogendoorn, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry
  • Sallie Houston, VSS International
  • Chuck Ingram, Slurry Pavers, Inc.
  • Brad Pearce, Viking Construction, Inc.
  • Stephan Romanchak, Ergon Ashphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
  • Stewart Schwikert, Pavement Maintenance Systems
  • Larry Tomkins, Ergon Ashphalt & Emulsions, Inc.
  • Richard Wenthe, Ingevity

And lastly, the sponsors. It is ISSA’s goal to reach as many people as possible with this workshop, with the end game being more and higher quality work being performed. A challenge every year is the rising cost of producing the workshop with a particular focus on keeping the registration fee as low as possible. And this is where the sponsors come in, all ISSA member companies giving back to the industry they serve, all in the interest of education and quality workmanship. A big thank you goes out to:

General Sponsors
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, American Pavement Preservation, BASF Corporation, Benedict Slurry Seal Inc, Bergkamp Inc., Crafco Inc., E.D. Etnyre & Co., Heritage Research Group, Ingevity (formerly MeadWestvaco), Intermountain Slurry Seal, Rayner Equipment Systems, Slurry Pavers, Inc., Southwest Slurry Seal, Inc., ULTRAPAVE, VM Fiber Feeders, Inc., and VSS Macropaver

Luncheon Sponsors
Ergon Ashphalt & Emulsions, Inc., McAsphalt Industries Ltd., Vance Bros., Inc., ViaSun Corporation, and Western Emulsions, Inc.

Outdoor Demonstration Sponsors
Bergkamp Inc., Crafco, Inc., E.D. Etnyre & Co., Rayner Equipment Systems, TYMCO, Inc., VM Fiber Feeders, Inc., VSS Macropaver, and Western Emulsions, Inc.

Workshop Internet Sponsor
Pavement Coatings Co.

If you run into any representatives of these companies, please offer your appreciation, too, for their support of ISSA and the Slurry Systems Workshop.

Set your Google, Outlook, smartphone, and calendar reminders now for the 2017 ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop January 23, 2017 – January 26, 2017 back at the Texas Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. And be sure to “like” ISSA on Facebook to receive updates.

Can’t make it to the workshop? Take a look at ISSA’s web-based training, co-produced with the Federal Highway Administration, with five ISSA disciplined focused modules.

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