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Microsurfacing Contractors, Inc. Awarded 2018 ISSA President's Award for Excellence

Friday, March 2, 2018  
Posted by: Ali Mostardo




Brett Gaither of Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC was in attendance to receive this award on behalf of Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC. 


At the 2018 AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting in Indian Wells, CA, February 20-23, 2018, the ISSA’s President Award for Excellence was presented to Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC, for their work on IDOT Project No. 149 in Madison County on I-270. This award was established to recognize those contracting achievements that best exemplify the highest quality of workmanship and materials, and conformance to best practices as defined by the International Slurry Surfacing Association. 

Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC, used innovative solutions to meet project challenges including time constraints, shutdown due to a solar eclipse, and delivery of large amounts of aggregate and emulsion.At a cost of $4.8 million, the project scope involved 400,000 SF of micro surfacing with an advance application of tack coat and 200,000 LF of crack seal.


Microsurfacing Contractors was able to shut down an interstate highway that services over 50,000 vehicles per day with a detour plan that was easy to follow, with no major traffic backups or incidents – successful even on a busy weekend with people traveling into town to view the total eclipse.  Originally planned to occur over 5 weekends, they were able to complete the full project over the course of 2 weekends instead, with zero accidents or safety violations.


In a letter following the project, IDOT Region Five Engineer Jeffrey Keim noted, "One other thing that was an interest to the Department was your attention to worker and public safety ... you provided a laborer at each closure throughout the 11.9-mile project.  This was not required by specifications, but it was an excellent idea.  The laborers kept motorists from going around barricades and gave directions to people that could not find their way through the detour routes.  The Department liked this idea so much that we intend to add it to the specifications on similar future projects."


Due to the success of this project, IDOT used this job as a “pilot-project” throughout the State to justify total interstate closures.  IDOT is now adopting Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC innovative ideas into their specifications.


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