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ISSA provides several industry related guidelines and technical bulletins at no cost to both members and non-members.  

Redline versions of the updated bulletins are found behind the final versions of each document.

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CODE: TB-100
TITLE: Laboratory Test Method for Wet Track Abrasion of Slurry Surfacing Systems
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CODE: TB-106
TITLE: Test Method for Measurement of Slurry Seal Consistency
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TITLE: Slurry Seal Consistency Template
Download PDF   

CODE: TB-107
TITLE: A Method for Unit Field Control of Slurry Seal Quantities
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CODE: TB-109
TITLE: Test Method for Measurement of Excess Asphalt In Bituminous Mixtures by Use of a Loaded Wheel Tester and Sand Adhesion
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CODE: TB-111
TITLE: Outline Guide Design Procedure for Slurry Seal
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CODE: TB-112
TITLE: Method to Estimate Slurry Seal Spread Rates and to Measure Pavement Macrotexture
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CODE: TB-113
TITLE: Test Method for Determining Mix Time for Slurry Surfacing Systems
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CODE: TB-114
TITLE: Test Method for Wet Stripping of Cured Slurry Surfacing Mixtures
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CODE: TB-115
TITLE:  Determination of Slurry Systems Compatibility
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CODE: TB-118
TITLE: Surface Area Method of Slurry Seal Design
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CODE: TB-139
TITLE: Test Method to Determine Set and Cure Development of Slurry Surfacing Systems by Cohesion Tester
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CODE: TB-144
TITLE: Test Method for Classification of Slurry Surfacing Materials Compatibility by Schulze-Breuer and Ruck Procedures
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CODE: TB-145
TITLE: Test Method for Determination of Methylene Blue Value (MBV) of Mineral Aggregate Fines
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CODE: TB-147
TITLE: Test Method for Measurement of Stability and Resistance to Compaction, Vertical and Lateral Displacement of Multilayered Fine Aggregate Cold Mixes
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CODE: TB-148
TITLE: Test Method for Preparation of Microsurface and Slurry Seal Specimens for Evaluation by Hot Mixed Asphalt Design Methods (Modified Marshall Test)
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CODE: TB-149
TITLE: Test Method for Boiling Compatibility of Slurry Seal Mixes
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These checklists are a series created to guide State and local highway maintenance and inspection staff in the use of innovative pavement preventive maintenance processes.

The series is provided through the joint efforts of the Pavement Preservation Program of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2).

Download the Crack Seal Application Construction Inspection Checklists

Download the Chip Seal Application Construction Inspection Checklists

Download the Fog Seal Application Construction Inspection Checklists

Download the Microsurfacing Application Construction Inspection Checklists

Download the Slurry Seal Application Construction Inspection Checklists

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