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A Letter from President Larry Tomkins

Monday, March 2, 2020  

Happy Spring Everyone,

Well for those that attended the annual meeting it might have felt a little more like winter than spring.  However, even though the weather wasn’t the warmest, I felt like everyone was in a great mood and looking forward to the upcoming season.

We had a great program this year in San Antonio and I would like to thank our ISSA annual meeting representative, Chuck Ingram, putting this program together.  We had some great speakers during the ISSA technical session, a very informative business meeting and a productive technical committee session.

Some of the items discussed during the business meeting were:

·        The President’s Vision for 2020 – I listed some things that I would like to finish, develop, update or start this year.  That includes finishing the much anticipated inspector’s manual for slurry surfacing systems, developing some drafts for a crack seal and chip seal inspector’s manual, updating our guidelines/technical bulletins, and starting a workforce development committee.

·        Financial Status – ISSA is in very good financial shape.

·        Marketing Activities – a proposed marketing plan has been submitted to the board for review and we hope that some of the items that are agreed to will show value to the membership both large and small.

·        Industry Relations – the Young Leaders Team continues to gain a lot of momentum and are very active.

·        International Activities – we discussed how to get our Latin American friends more involved in ISSA.

·        Education/Training – we had around 450 attendees at our Slurry Systems Workshop this year and it continues to do very well.  ISSA will be participating in 4 FHWA sponsored webinars this year.

·        Strategic Plan – our 3 year strategic plan that was developed in 2017 is coming up for review later this year at the summer board meeting.

During the technical committee (slurry/micro/chip/crack) session, we had discussions on updating the technical bulletins, standardizing a mix design template for ISSA, and developing a crack seal and chip seal inspector’s manual.

One of many highlights of the annual meeting was our awards banquet.  This year’s ISSA Excellence in Pavement Preservation award was given to the Utah Department of Transportation for their 2019 Cape Seal project on State Route 9 in Hurricane, Utah.  The President’s Award this year was awarded to VSS International for their 2018-2019 pavement preservation work on Pacific Coast Highway.

A new award that was established this year was the ISSA Preservation Performance Award which is awarded to both an owner or agency or engineering firm that specified and managed the project and the member contractor for their work. This award recognizes and honors pavement preservation projects that prove the long-time performance and network enhancement of pavement preservation. This year, we had 4 award winners:  Ada County, Idaho Highway District, Mississippi Department of Transportation, the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, and the North Eastern Maintenance Alliance in Australia.

There was a new award created this year in honor of Phil Tarsovich, the President of Slurry Pavers, who passed away this past year.  Phil was a great industry leader and was a Past President of ISSA.  Phil contributed significantly to ISSA and the pavement preservation industry and as such, the ISSA Board of Directors decided to create a new ISSA award in honor of Phil.  The award will be named the Phil Tarsovich Lifetime Leadership Award.  The qualifications for this award include:

·        Nomination from a current ISSA Board member or Past President

·        25 plus years of pavement preservation experience

·        ISSA Committee and Board experience

·        Continued involvement and support of ISSA

ISSA is honored and humbled by the creation of this award and very proud to be able to present the first recipient of the award posthumously to its namesake Phil Tarsovich.

I hope everyone has a great start to the construction season and please feel free to reach out to your board or me if you have any comments or suggestions on how to make your association better.  

Thank You,
Larry Tomkins
ISSA President

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