Laughlin Ranch Golf and Spa

Laughlin Ranch Golf and Spa
Bullhead City, Arizona
Gated Residential Community

Laughlin Ranch Golf and Spa nestled within the foothills of Bullhead City Arizona located 105 miles south of Las Vegas Nevada was completed by American Pavement Preservation.

Pavement conditions within the gated residential community suffered from approximately 70% of the streets having severe surface raveling and block cracking. The remaining was in poor to moderate condition.

Pre-production sampling of emulsion and aggregate was done, and underwent testing at a certified laboratory for mix design analysis of the slurry seal material. The crack seal sealant was also tested for verification of mix properties as well.

The residents were given two notifications of the upcoming work, a 5 day notice explaining the nature of the work that was about to commence within the neighborhood and a 24 hour notice validating the road work for the next day. The 24 hour notice explains more in-depth of the activities that would be going on within their street. With each phase of work the residents were given notification.

American Pavement Preservation started operations with the application of hot applied crack seal sealant on pavement surface cracks a ¼ “+ in width on all the street sections. The crack seal material used for this project is a modified design for hot climate as the summer temperature can rise as high as 120 degrees F. and pavement surface temperatures to 180 degrees F.

American Pavement Preservation then applied Type 1 Slurry Seal surface treatment to these street sections. This material consisted of a 3% Latex Modified (LM-CQS). The average application rate was 10 lbs/sy.

Traffic markings were then applied, i.e.; stop bars crosswalks legends etc. American Pavement Preservation completed the project covering approximately 165,000 square yards.

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