Northern Pavement Preservation Installations

The northern pavement preservation installations for the 2015 Preservation Group Study designed to evaluate the benefits of thin non-structural surface treatments in both southern and northern climates was recently completed in central Minnesota. On August 1st 2016, Vance Brothers, Inc. began installing various treatments that included; Conventional Fog Seals, Rejuvinating Fog Seals, Routing and Crack Sealing, Mastic One Crack Treatment, Fiber Mat (with Midland Asphalt), Rejuvinating Scrub Seal, Conventional Chip Seal (including single, double and triple seals) and Microsurfacing (including single lift, double lift, fiberized and various cape seals with both type II & type III aggregate). These treatments were placed at two different locations which included CR-8 (low volume traffic, east bound lane) and US-169 (high volume traffic, north bound outside lane). Ideal weather conditions along with better than expected production led to project completion in six days.

The logistical issues that one might expect on such a diverse project were greatly minimized due to the great effort put forth by all parties involved. Those that contributed to the successful completion of this project include, four different emulsion suppliers from five different states, two sources of aggregate (both from MN), Microsurfacing mix designs/Mcloud chip seal designs performed by three different laboratories including MNDOT and technical support from equipment manufacturers and material suppliers from nine different states. In addition to the enormous contributions provided by the industry professionals involved with this project I must also mention that both MNDOT/MNROADS and the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University played an integral role in the successful completion of this project.

The main objective of this preservation group research that is sponsored by sixteen different states and industry is to evaluate and quantify the life extending benefits as well as the condition improving benefits of the treatments applied as compared to the untreated control sections. Over time and as the data becomes available it will provide agencies the tools necessary to better choose the treatments that will most likely provide the desired benefits. As a direct result of this research the Right Treatment, Right Road, Right Timing approach is closer to becoming a reality.

For performance related information about the preservation group study go to
Tim Harrawood
Southern Contracting Division Manager
Vance Brothers, Inc

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